Adam Taub

Adam Taub

A minimalist, business-like site for a leading presentation coach

The Client

Adam Taub is one of the UK’s foremost presentation coaches. During his two decades of experience, he has worked closely with clients to help them articulate the unique value of their products and services, and has coached senior executives and teams for pitches, presentations and keynote speeches. It was that level of business leader he was looking to attract when he approached Pilcrow + Pixel to design and build a refreshed online presence for his work.

Adam Taub's site shown on iMac

The Project

The user journey and content design of Adam’s site is elegantly minimalist and professional in its look and feel, focusing on large header images on each page followed by text content that’s laid out to provide easily readable details of his coaching options, conference presentations and many testimonials.

With a number of specially commissioned video testimonials used throughout the site, a fast-loading embedded player is employed to ensure the videos load quickly and smoothly. Meanwhile, within WordPress itself, the site makes great use of Advanced Custom Fields so that content can be quickly and easily updated.

Service and Support

Pilcrow + Pixel is providing site support and maintenance to via our Website Care Plan, while the site is also hosted on our fast and reliable servers.